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This election is archived.

  • Stimmen Sie für die Änderung des § 4 Abs. 2 der Satzung der Studierendenschaft? / Do you vote in favor of amending § 4 para. 2 of the Student Body Statutes?
    Ja / Yes306
    Nein / No16
    Blank vote20
Number of accepted ballots: 342
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The voter list has 3751 voter(s) and fingerprint 34m41e0khrVTp63TiCRzOZw/2GQB2XxtUGK8nLoKLws.
All of the following trustees (verification keys) are needed to decrypt the result:
  • server (ob/0uB70WjUQnwEf+7/yv/anl2sUTRXp8hJ+/2i0YDE)
  • Jens-Uwe Wagner (ZHOGbAf63vgLrqYG+xPe2KlAldILCbotFV6bO8MTFGc)
  • Hannes Waldschütz (0ssaw/hKAU91FRC1ii0trBdEyfE2InsnyR39jhwVXbY)
  • Jannis Leuther (vHedrgIn85uC+J42tUk18KoBY0xal1UKRRW1eYmBrnE)
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